Russia and the united states have agreed to a ceasefire in southern syria beginning from midday on sunday, russian overseas minister sergei lavrov announced friday in hamburg.

"today in amman russian, american and jordanian specialists... Agreed on a memorandum of know-how to create a de-escalation area" within the areas of daraa, quneitra and sweida, he said. "there will be a ceasefire in this area from noon damascus time on july 9."

Russia, an best friend of syrian president bashar al-assad, has been engaged in talks this yr with turkey and iran over 4 so-called de-escalation zones inside the conflict-torn united states.

Negotiations in astana this week didn't reach an agreement at the policing and particular borders of the zones, but.

Lavrov stated that the ceasefire set to start sunday would be supervised by means of russian army police "in coordination with the jordanians and people".

The united states has led a multi-country wide coalition when you consider that 2014 battling the islamic state institution in syria and neighbouring iraq.


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